My CCNA certification journey


This is quite the opposite of where I want to go with my life and this blog.. But it is a critical necessity that I really have to get done with it. I am now studying for my CCNA certification.. Following it will be CCNP and MCSE Messaging!

It is going to be very busy next weeks/months, but I’m planning to push as hard as I can and get all things done really quick.. Because I still got a PMP thing to do!

So, about the first step, CCNA I’ll share my notes and thoughts about the points and topics that I come across while I study.. I will also share my ideas of labs and setups that I did/will do and what benefits I got out of them.

Hope this end up quick and that I move to the next objective

Logical steps to configure Cisco routers

This is just a technical note to myself actually and anyone who might find it useful…

As I have done the unexpected and now preparing for my CCNA certification (I’ll explain in another post soon), I tend to go with the approach that if I want to learn something, I should teach it to others.. So this post is part of this approach…

In easy steps, if you want to configure new Cisco router form the beginning, you should follow this approach:

  1. Configure router general settings
    1. Hostname, clock, terminal history size, DNS settings (name, IP, domain name)
    2. RSA key generation
    3. SSH settings
    4. services password encryption command
  2. Create enable secret, and create yourself a username
  3. Configure interfaces
  4. Configure whatever routing protocols/static routes you have

And this should be it, nothing complicated if you know your scenario and setup, and most important, you understand the logic the network is going to work … Read the rest “Logical steps to configure Cisco routers”