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Having a plan B does not mean you are failing plan A. It simply means that you will do whatever it takes to ge to the objective of plan A and B

About this blog

This is my personal space which I’ll share my experience through out my career.. Originally I started A SysEng Tales blog as a technical blog (it still is..) and with time it evolved into more than just a technical blog..

This blog is growing with me and currently I’m heading into projects management and more senior team leadership roles.. This is a hard switch, specially if I’m planning to do the shift in a new country, where these roles are preferred to locals.. Considering my age (29) I really want to be out of the technical field as fast as I can.. But again I might just find myself stuck in it for many more years..
A SysEng Tales is a blog that covers the following:

  • Technical topics about Microsoft, Cisco, Google and others
  • Non-technical topics about teamwork, projects management and others..
  • My personal life and moments posts and stories…

Current projects/challenges

My end goal is not to sit as a technical engineer.. I want to lead engineers! I have read a quote for Ralph Waldo Emerson: The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss., and I am planning to start knowing why as I knew enough how…

I have a long waiting objective which is my PMP certification, however I might take a little while with that! My current list of activities:

  • Make a course for deploying G Suite to an organization that is targeted for IT professionals who want to get started as G Suite consultants!
  • Finish a book (business oriented, sci-fi novel, or whatever..) every one month

If you have any comments about A SysEng Tales blog, please don’t hesitate contacting me and I’ll be happy to receive any feedback!